The style of the meeting is just as important as content of the meeting when it comes to the success of a board meeting. Board members are invested and will listen attentively to the discussion if they feel engaged. The setting the board meetings are held in plays a significant role in this, so you should consider the following suggestions for stimulating and facilitating a productive board meeting:

Create a clear meeting agenda and distribute it to all participants. Include minute limits for every discussion item to avoid being sidetracked and keep the meeting moving. For instance, limiting discussions to 30 minutes per topic helps to keep the board from becoming bogged down on non-important items.

Facilitate the meeting as easily as possible for your board members. Make sure they are turned off any notifications and shut down all applications that might affect the bandwidth of their computers if you’re hosting an online meeting. This will ensure that the meeting goes smoothly and that everyone is able to be heard and see each other clearly.

If appropriate, provide refreshments. This is crucial for meetings that take place in the evening, after a long day of work. It will help your board stay focused and motivated.

Start the meeting with short success stories that will remind your board members of the organisation’s goals and current initiatives. It can also inspire them to keep working to achieve the organization’s objectives. Last but not least, make sure you have an quorum of all attendees before formally opening the meeting. This is a crucial aspect that can have a significant impact on the quality of the results of the meeting. Typically, this is accomplished with a roll call, where each participant raises their hand when their name is called.

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